Just CBD Vape Juice Review – There’s still a lot to be don’t know about CBD, but people are buying it. CBD is a very helpful ingredient that works to increase our body’s potentials. But it’s more of a scam nowadays that not all the companies are providing the best quality according to their price. The cbdvapejuice deal will get you the solution.

And that’s why this article is made for. It is a cbdvapejuice Review from the cbdvapejuice web. I am going to write down my experience by using their websites for ordering CBD products. We will also talk about cbdvapejuice promo and cbdvapejuice discount.

What is CBD?

CBD, which is an abbreviation of Cannabidiol, is a completely legal non-psychoactive extract taken from the larger Cannabis plant.

This cannabis compound you can buy in oils, chocolates, bath bombs, face masks, gummies, coffee, body lotion, and even dog treats. It is everywhere. You can have it as a way to applying it to your skin but a popular technique is it is an edible oil since CBD is natural is soluble in fat.

For a better understanding of the products, read the cbdvapejuice review below.

What is CBD genesis?

It is an American E-Commerce site where you will get the best quality CBD product and cbdvapejuice deal like vape juice, tincture oil, flower, e-liquid, cartridges, gummies, cream, capsules, etc. They have their own products to deliver the best quality to the consumer with tons of collections of other popular CBD brands under a shelter for better accessibility.

CBDVapejuice cbd genesis reviews

They support both retail and wholesale services available all over the USA. with an affordable rate by cbdvapejuice discount.

Let’s look at some products:

CBD E-Liquids & Vape Juice Oils:

It is the best place for organic and high-quality vape juices. Here I am showing some of the best CBD vape juices from CBD Genesis. You will get free shipping all over the United States of America over the order of $25. You will get 10% off for cbdvapejuice discount.

Genesis CBD E-liquid is the best in this segment for a great value. Other products are:CBD E-Liquids and Vape Juice Oils reviews

  1. Koi CBD Vape Juice
  2. EcoDrip Gold
  3. CBD Drip Onyx
  4. CBD Drip Platinum
  5. Green House – CBD Vape
  6. AKUA CBD – Lemon Cake
  7. AKUA CBD – Orange Candy
  8. Active CBD Oil E-liquid
  9. Hempzilla CBD Vape Juice
  10. Jolly Green Oil
  11. Koi CBD Inhaler
  12. Flan Total Eclipse
  13. Shangri-La Vape Juice
  14. Hemplucid Full-Spectrum
  15. Active CBD Oil
  16. CBDistillery
  17. Hemp Bombs
  18. Canna Bloom CBG Tincture
  19. Canna Bloom CBD Tincture
  20. Lifted CBD – EMRLD
  21. Lifted CBD – DMND
  22. Lifted CBD – RBY
  23. EcoDrops RixMix

CBD-Free E-Liquids:

They also have a large collection of CBD free vape juices. CBD free vape juices are relatively much cheaper than CBD included products. The point is, CBD is not a mandatory thing. So, you can enjoy CBD free E-liquids. Products are down below:

CBDVapejuice cbd genesis product Defiance Vapors E-liquid

  1. Defiance Vapors E-liquid
  2. Nic Bar Disposable Vape Pen
  3. Vaped
  4. Charlie’s Chalk Dust
  5. Vape Academy Brew
  6. Boogie Monsters
  7. Mustache Mob
  8. Hot Sauce
  9. Delirium
  10. Classics
  11. Numskullz
  12. Fresh – Kiwiberries
  13. The Elegant Beast
  14. Peel
  15. Noble
  16. Le Fresh
  17. The feels
  18. Sour Licks
  19. Taffy Man
  20. Brain Brew
  21. Jelly – Mixed Berry
  22. ColdBotCo
  23. The Golden Pig
  24. Kao’s Milk and Cookies
  25. Fruit By The Cup
  26. Nktr
  27. Prof. Hansel One’s Peculiar Potionsprof. hansel one's peculiar potions
  28. Hella Dead
  29. The Zoo Crew
  30. So Yum
  31. Churros & – Pebbles
  32. Ramune
  33. Charlie Foxtrot
  34. Red Hot
  35. Tripping
  36. Cali Bear Gang
  37. Good Juice
  38. One Hunnid

Delta 8 THC products:

Delta 8 THC is a form of CBD. It is widely popular because of its variety of uses and the advantages for all classes of people. Here is the D 8 THC products cbdvapejuice review:
Cartridges are where the oil of the vape is stored. It has two kinds of classification; one, thick oil. And another is thin oil. Choose the cartridges mentioned down below and find the suitable one for you.

delta 8 thc reviews

  1. Genesis Vape Cartridges
  2. Treetop Hemp Co Cartridge
  3. Delta 8 Factory Vape
  4. Honeyroot Cartridge
  5. Urb Cartridge
  6. CBD Farmhouse Vape
  7. DeltaXL Vape Cartridge
  8. Delta Effex Cartridges
  9. Lit Pharmacy Cartridge
  10. Rift Cartridge
  11. Delta Effex Cartridges
  12. Kinda High Vape Cartridge
  13. Terp 8 Cartridge
  14. Sconi Boys Cartridge
  15. Crystal Creek Organics
  16. D8 Vape Cartridge
  17. Atlantis Organics Cartridges
  18. Sconi Boys THC & CBD Blend Cartridge


Concentrates are the products made from Cannabis plants. But they are refined as much as possible and it takes a long process to make it vaporized.

delta 8 thc dabs for sale genesis

  1. Delta 8 Factory Flower
  2. Delta 8 Factory Dabs
  3. CBD Farmhouse Moonrocks
  4. Delta 8 Factory Moon Rocks
  5. Delta 8 THC Dab (Genesis)


A disposables pen is the easiest way to consume oils. It is for beginners because it is way more portable than all other vaping machines available out there.

  1. Treetop Hemp Co Disposable Vape Pen
  2. Delta 8 Factory Disposable Vape Pen
  3. Terp 8 – Delta-8 Dab Pen


Those who don’t like to smoke or vape CBD products can easily e get its benefits through edible foods available in the market. Chewing gum/candy is the largest part of this sector.

  1. Deta 8 THC Gummies
  2. Treetop Hemp Co Gummies
  3. Rift Gummies
  4. Vortex Gummies
  5. CBD Farmhouse Gummies
  6. Koi CBD Gummies
  7. Delta 8 Factory Gummies
  8. Urb Gummies
  9. Delta Effex Gummies
  10. Nimo Nutrition Gummies
  11. D8 Gummies
  12. Atlantis Organics Gummies
  13. Steve’s Hemp Sour Crawlers
  14. Pure Xen Gummies
  15. Delta 8 Factory Brownies


If you want to enjoy the direct advantage of CBD, then the flower is the best way. It will do its job and also helps you to fulfill the satisfaction of smoking illegal cannabis.

  1. Delta 8 Factory Flower
  2. Vortex Pre-Rolls


The tincture is a portable ingredient from CBD. You can use it in any kind of food with a drop of the tincture. You can use it for your coffee, juice any other food. Restaurants are using tinctures for a long time to classify their food with CBD and without CBD. And as expected, CBD included foods are a little expensive than non-CBD meals.

  1. CBD Farmhouse Tincture
  2. DeltaXL Tincture
  3. Steve’s Hemp Oil
  4. Pinnacle Hemp
  5. Sconi Boys Syringe

Vape Juice

Here is the Delta 8 THC vape juice. Get a discount through cbdvapejuice promo.

DeltaXL Vape Juice is the only available juice in the store right now. More products will be added in the future.


The easy to consume format is behind the explosion of many new cbdvapejuice review we have seen today. But it off leads to a lot of misconceptions. CBD is not a joke. If a substance with a lot of potentials. But the quantity and quality in today’s consumer products are often more of a scam than a reliable wellness supplement. Buy with a discount of $25 from cbdvapejuice Promo to get the best quality CBD vape juice. It will be a great cbdvapejuice deal.