In this article will get the Wccannabis reviews to find out the best one for our use. The hemp and marijuana both come from the same plant, Cannabis Sativa. Cannabis is one of the oldest domesticated crops in the world.

Over time, it spread throughout Europe, France, Spain and eventually made its way to the Americas. By the time settlers reached America, hemp was already growing in many areas throughout the US, and a majority of the population cultivated it.

The cannabis confusion: Hemp vs Marijuana

If you compare the leaves side by side, it will look similar. Even in some cases, they will smell similar. Then what is the difference?

The difference is the volume of THC. The hemp plants must be tested to ensure they’re below the 0.3% threshold of THC, where marijuana has a higher amount of THC.

Considering the lower amount of THC, hemp is for the betterment that comes from cannabis instead of making the consumer high as what marijuana does. That’s why cultivating hemp is 100% legal.

About West Coast Cannabis Reviews

I am bringing you the top hemp brands in the industry. Let’s jump into why many people have left these great reviews on the social platforms about Canna nine.

About the products:

So, Wccannabis has different strains Indica, Sativa, and hybrid. Wccannabis does a beautiful job with their packaging shipping was very fast. There are notices in every product box just if someone wants to know about the details and ingredients. For the excellent packaging, the products won’t get expired so quickly and maintain the raw quality.


It’s nice and light when you take it in and exhale, so you should consume it all the time instead of other brands. Suppose a strain has like a very strong berry overtone. It’s tough, and this is nice and light. You will like the cannabinoid breakdown. It’s a mixture of cannabinoids. There’s like all their products lab approved. You can read the lab tests online if you have any doubt.

If someone is thinking of getting into the CBD oil space, I recommend trying this brand. You can get various types of hemp products with different kinds of flavours for your better choice. You will feel the taste in your every inhales and exhales.

Certified and tested:

Getting popularity on all of Wccannabis products and one of the major selling points displays the details and information very clearly on their website. You will get the lap report on the official website, including each product. You can check them and see the full cannabinoid breakdown.


There are a lot of products at Westcoastcannabis. Here is the category:

  1. Concentrate
  2. CBD
  3. Edibles
  4. Vape
  5. Oils
  6. Pet Health
  7. Topicals
  8. Mushrooms
  9. Accessories
  10. Sale

Wccannabis Reviews FAQ:

  • Does Wccannabis sell wholesale products?

Answer: Yes. You will get the details of the wholesale section placed at the bottom of every page.

  • Does Wccannabis support affiliate commission?

Answer: They support affiliate programs.

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Address: Vancouver, BC, Canada



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Everything you’re looking about hemp products is available here. It just depends on you now. Do you want to Sativa? Do you wish to Indica? If you’re going to Sativa with an excellent light flavour profile, I would definitely go with this brand. This is it for today. Go and check out all their other products.